May 20, 2019

The world of software development lives at the speed of algorithms and remaining still is the first reason of digital darwinism, that effects both companies and people who are part of them.

Unlike evolutive darwinism, developers are required not just to adapt to current digital trends. A developer has to grow, increasing constantly his curiosity and experimenting new applications and new tools. This kind of approach to the development world allows not to be subjected to the continous digital era changes, but to become an active player of the “transformation”.

Team is an integral part of the growth path, because it allows to share know-how and solutions and to realize what seems to be impossible if you try to do it on your own. And THUX is where the team, in front of all the requests of innovation, will never answer “It can’t be done”, but will say “Let’s understand how to do it”.
THUX is not just a company, but a reality in which you can start, or re-start, a full-stack developer path remaining always at the speed of algorithms.

Develop your future is the mission that THUX shared during the 10th edition of PyCon Italia for those who are already part of the development world and are looking for a place to realize their ideas. 
Develop your future is also the proposition that THUX will give to the students of Informatics Engineering of the Univerità di Pavia, during the openday of the 21st May 2019. Because to reach great goals, you need the right starting point.

Now the Ellotech website is online
Oct. 16, 2017

Ellotech, a newly formed company, has entrusted THUX for its website's development in order to show a unique project in this industry, implementing Django 1.11 LTS and Bootstrap 4. Ellotech works in the nautical sector and owns the unique property of 2 patents about an innovative system that launch and haul boats on their own called Elloboat.

It's all about a radio self-propelled crawler able to move in any kind of ground and sandy shore without the need for specific slides or harbor spaces to perform launch and haul manœuvres.

The tools used for the development of the platform are: Python, Django, Django-Rest-Framework, ThuxCMS, PostgreSQL, Linux, uWSGI, nginx, pyMailUP.

The Open Capital website is now available!
Oct. 12, 2017

We have just posted the brand new Open Capital website implementing Django 1.11 LTS, Thux CMS, Bootstrap 3.

Open Capital Partners Spa is a Fund Management Company that offers solutions to your savings, oriented towards heritage protection and value creation in a sustainability vision in the long term.

It stands out for its will to offer an actual Independent Consulting Service on the basis of its independency from banks and insurance groups.

The tools used for the development of the platform are: Python, Django, Django-Rest-Framework, ThuxCMS, PostgreSQL, Linux, uWSGI, nginx, Bootstrap 3, pyMailUP.

21 years of THUX, many years of development and great accomplishments
Oct. 6, 2017

Here in THUX, this week, we have celebrated the 21st anniversary if the company. Thanks to the experience and creativity of our tight-knit team, we grow with innovative ideas and suitable for any kind of needs, keeping a reliable and professional relationship with our customers as well.

I welcome this opportunity to point out our growth in this business that, switching from Thunder Systems to THUX, proposes a reliable brand which can keep up with technology, making THUX the ideal IT partner.

THUX technology for those who support FAI with Gimme5
Oct. 6, 2017

Now thanks to Gimme5 you can contribute to the October fundraising of the FAI campaign “Ricordiamoci di salvare l'Italia”.

After the implementation of Gimme5, the digital piggy bank on the AcomeA web platform, we took care of development and implementation of this platform. By doing so who saves with Gimme5 now support also the FAI and helps to fulfil his fundraising goal.

The goal is the restoration and preservation of historical, artistic and naturalistic assets belonging to the Italian artistic and natural heritage.

The tools used for the development of the platform are: Python, Django, Django-Rest-Framework, Angularjs, ThuxAPI, DjangoCMS, Highcharts, AppyPod, PostgreSQL, Linux, uWSGI, nginx, Bootstrap 3.

Sostieni il FAI con Gimme5

THUX broadens its horizons together with Deloitte
Oct. 6, 2017

Even Deloitte, one of the four largest company for consultancy, chooses THUX.

Here in THUX, we are proud to announce that recently we provide to Deloitte training and education courses on Python and Django, for their development team.

This activity is in line with the recent partnership agreement signed between THUX and Deloitte.

Deloitte has contacted us since they are involved in one of the most major challenges of coming years for which the mastering of these particular and efficient technologies can make the difference.

We are talking about technologies, such as Python, Django, Django-Rest-Framework and AngularJS, in which we have a great and multi-year experience.

Thanks to our Full Stack Development classes, Deloitte's developers team will improve the use of these technologies in order to set up efficient platforms.

THUX has always been available to any type of partnership with other businesses, whether they are of medium or big dimension, helping them to face internal requirements and those of the customers.

THUX and Django Girls: technology for girls
Oct. 6, 2017

After the achievement gained from the Django Girls Florence event, once again THUX volunteers to cooperate with Django Girls community's workshops which will be held, this time, in Rome and Milan on the 21 of October and the 2 of December.

Workshop's aim is to turn the girl community on to the code programming world, without any distinctions of cultural background and ages.

Django Girls Rome

Next events of Django Girls

THUX extends with Django CMS the Web Platform AcomeA and the Gimme5 piggy bank
Sept. 22, 2017

Here in THUX we have just supplemented the extension, with Django CMS, of the powerful web platform which AcomeA make simpler to invest by renewing the Gimme5 service, your digital piggy bank!

The tools used for the development of the platform are: Python, Django, Django-Rest-Framework, Angularjs, ThuxAPI, DjangoCMS, Highcharts, AppyPod, PostgreSQL, Linux, uWSGI, nginx, Bootstrap 3.

THUX partner of PGDay 2017
Sept. 22, 2017

This year THUX is partner of PostgreSQL Day 2017, event that will be held in Milan the next 13 October.

We have a little chat with the PGDay team to explain the reasons of our choice while describing our reality to these guys who are doing a great work for the community!

Interview text

Genova Bus Parking
Sept. 8, 2017

Implemented and released in a very short time from our THUX developers team, the new booking service of the biggest parking for tourist buses in Genoa is now available in just a few weeks!



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